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Canon J Plastic Card Tray

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Canon J Plastic card tray Product Description:

1. There are slots for 2 cards to be printed at the same time.

2 .You can print any ID card you can imagine or create!

3. Print ID cards for your company or organization.

Works with the following Canon Printers:

MG: Caonon MG5400, MG5420, MG5422, MG5430, MG5450, MG5460, MG5470, MG5480,

MG6310, MG6320, MG6330, MG6340, MG6350, MG6360, MG6370, MG6450, MG7110, MG7120, MG7130, MG7140, MG7150, MG7160, MG7170, 

IP:Canon  iP7200, iP7210, iP7220, iP7230, iP7240, iP7250, iP7260, iP7270, MG7510, MG7520, MG7540, MG7550, MG7570, 

MX: Canon MX922, MX923, MX924, MX925, MX926

The card tray are used for CR80 standard print PVC cards for the application of PVC Plastic Cards, Membership Cards, Educational ID Cards, Employee ID Cards, Promotional Cards and ect.

Note:Must be used with Inkjet PVC Cards. Normal PVC cards can not properly absorb ink

We also have pvc card tray for Epson printer and inkjet blank pvc card,magnetic card ,RFID card. Combo card etc

And Please view our video on youtube : Canon J Plastic Card Tray

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